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Don’t miss out on a deal... Learn to speak their language!

Whether you have offices across the world or do business with other international companies, your workforce must have the language skills necessary to communicate with their colleagues and clients.

The ability to communicate effectively with foreign clients and colleagues is an invaluable skill that can be a deciding factor in a business deal. Companies such as the BBC, Pernod Ricard, Nestle, Chivas Regal and Orange have all benefited from Conversation Piece Ltd tailored Language solutions.

Our Language Training solutions are varied and designed to suit your specific needs, whether it be an advanced business German course for participating in negotiations or basic survival Korean to facilitate client relations.

The content and methodology employed will be based on requirements specified by you and your Training Manager to ensure the best and most effective approach. We understand that your training needs are unique and we will, accordingly, tailor programmes to meet them. Our Business Language Training courses are delivered by highly experienced and successful Business Language Trainers.

In order to ensure that your specific needs are met, we conduct a Language Needs Assessment that determines your current level, previous learning experience, professional requirements as well as your objectives.

Your dedicated Business Language Trainer, will then design your individual Business Language Training Course.