Sample 18 hour post-beginner language course

Recommended format:

  • Twelve 1.5-hour sessions
  • 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks (recommended but flexible)


A post-beginner language course aims to consolidate the knowledge acquired during a beginner course and provide you with the tools necessary for dealing with everyday situations and inter-acting with other people.


Your course content will be adapted to your objectives but here are some examples of what you could learn in an 18 hour post-beginner Spanish course.

  • Revisions: greetings, introductions and personal information
  • Addressing others: informal/formal way to address and colloquial expressions
  • Towns: buildings, places, shops
  • Directions: reading a map, asking for and giving directions
  • Agreeing/disagreeing: enquiring about likes and dislikes and expressing simple opinions
  • Time: expressing the time
  • Habits: expressing day to day habits, activities and schedules -expressions of frequency
  • Telephone conversations: answering the phone/making a call - leaving a message and colloquial expressions
  • Expressing feelings: compliments and complaints - degrees of satisfaction

Grammar content is tailored to the need of the course.

Sample 18 hour beginner course