Sample 18 hour Beginner Language Course

Recommended format:

  • Twelve 1.5-hour sessions
  • 2 sessions a week for 6 weeks (recommended but flexible)


A beginner business course aims to provide you with the tools necessary for dealing with everyday situations in a business environment.


  • Your course content will be adapted to your objectives but here are some examples of what you could learn in an 18 hour business-oriented course.
  • Formal and informal greetings and introductions
  • Office hierarchy and etiquette
  • Personal information: giving and asking about personal information (nationality, where you live and work, age, etc.)
  • Feelings: describing your own and enquiring about other people’s wellbeing
  • Alphabet: spelling out loud and using phonetic alphabet
  • Job description: work place and position
  • Office: building, rooms, office furniture
  • Directions: office directions and getting to and from the work place
  • Time and time-keeping: numbers, time and local office/working hours
  • Timetables: days, months, years, dates, calendars
  • Planning: schedules, meetings and booking
  • Lunchtime: food, snacks and restaurants
  • After work: social interaction

Grammar content is tailored to the need of the course