Cultural Awareness Training

“Culture is a shared, learned, symbolic system of values, beliefs and attitudes that shapes and influences perception and behaviour.”

Each country has its own set of values and norms, passed on from generation to generation: understanding a country’s and more specifically a foreign company’s values and norms is a key success factor in international business relations.

Conversation Piece Ltd's Cultural Awareness Training programs aim to introduce the notion of culture and diversity and to provide delegates with practical tools which will enable them to deal effectively with foreign companies in both business and social situations.

Our Cultural Awareness Training courses are delivered by highly experienced and successful Specialist Business English Trainers who will base the content of the course and the methodology employed on the requirements specified by the Trainee and their Training Manager.

We understand that each client’s training needs are unique and will, consequently, tailor programmes to meet them.

In order to ensure that each client’s specific needs are met, we conduct a Language Needs Assessment that determines their current level, previous learning experience, professional requirements as well as their objectives. A dedicated trainer will then design a Cultural Awareness Course to meet these objectives.