Tailored Courses

“It is essential to remember that our way of doing things is neither better nor worse; it is just different.”

The first step towards understanding another culture is understanding your own, so being fully aware of how you build a business relationship and finalise a deal in your own country is essential.

The following factors intervene in the completion of a deal: spoken language, body language, manners, customs and systems; understanding how these factors vary from culture to culture is the key to successful business relations.

Our Cultural Awareness Courses are practical and immediately useful: our Business Trainers will assess your business needs and create a course tailored to your specific requirements, mixing theory, useful demonstrations and practise sessions.

Intensive courses are ideally suited to this type of training:

  • One-day intensives to prepare for a specific deal or meeting
  • 15 or 30-hour intensives to discover a country’s social and business culture

Contact Conversation Piece for a proposal tailored to your unique business environment and deadlines: 020 8944 8393 or fill in our online form.